UN/LOCODE Status Codes

The UN/LOCODE uses a number of status code which can be rather confusing if they aren’t explained. This article will explain each of them.

The official Status Code list from the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and their explanations is as follows:

  1. AA: Approved by competent national government agency
  2. AC: Approved by Customs Authority
  3. AF: Approved by national facilitation body
  4. AI: Code adopted by international organisation (IATA or ECLAC)
  5. AS: Approved by national standardisation body
  6. RL: Recognised location – Existence and representation of location name confirmed by check against nominated gazetteer or other reference work
  7. RN: Request from credible national sources for locations in their own country
  8. RQ: Request under consideration
  9. RR: Request rejected
  10. QQ: Original entry not verified since date indicated
  11. XX: Entry that will be removed from the next issue of UN/LOCODE

One of these status codes is applied to each UN/LOCODE — it not like a Function Code where more than one may apply even though it’s clear from the description that more than one of these could be true at once. For example, a code might be Approved By Customs Authority (AC), but for any number of reason it may also planned for removal (XX). In this situation you’d only see the XX status code applied to the location.

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